Frequently Asked Questions

How is the KODAK MOMENT of the day picture chosen?

Kodak selects pictures based on a combination of factors, including, but not limited to: good photographic fundamentals, subject matter, and accompanying story.

How do I know if my picture has been selected as a KODAK MOMENT of the Day?

If your picture is selected as Picture of the Day, you will receive an e-mail from our Picture of the Day Editor containing the selected picture title, and the date it will appear on

Can I submit more than one picture for KODAK MOMENT of the Day?

Yes. The picture you submit might be chosen and scheduled at any point within a year. There is no need to submit a picture more than once.

Why can't I upload my picture?

We can only accept pictures in JPEG format. For more information, please read How To Upload Pictures.

Can you fix my picture?

No. We are unable to fix submissions. See a local photo retailer to help you enhance your picture, or use digital imaging software to help you learn to do this.

Can I submit a picture with borders and time stamps?

It is recommended that borders and time stamps be removed before submitting.